EMI Map Room

The climate and society maproom is a collection of maps and other figures that monitor climate and societal conditions at present and in the recent past. The maps and figures can be manipulated and are linked to the original data. Even if you are primarily interested in data rather than figures, this is a good place to see which datasets are particularly useful for monitoring current conditions.

    Historical, current and forecast climate conditions around the country.
    Analysis, monitoring and anticipation of climate-related risks
    Historical, current and forecast water conditions around the country.
    The variability of seasonal precipitation, and the sub-seasonal statistics of these, play a key role in the quality and quantity of agricultural output.
    Empirically-derived thresholds of precipitation, temperature and relative humidity are used to assess the climatic suitability of malaria transmission. The interactive map initially displays the number of months during the year when climatological averages meet these requirements. Users may gain insight into how often these conditions have actually occurred during any particular month by clicking on the map at the location of interest.
    Are there significant trends in the seasons that affect this region/zone/district (Monthly-Yearly)?